Our Games


There are alien armies on all fronts and it's a Free-for-all! You can't possibly win all the fights on the battlefield. Become the Commanding Officer of a HUGE battle and deploy your units strategically and carefully.  Choose which battles to resolve in which order but weigh in how to may affect your units and other battles. 

Fast and portable action in your pocket! Designed by Brian McKayPocket Paragons is a quick deceptively simple game of big spells and big reads. Featuring characters from various game universes!


Frenemy Pastry Party is a light family drafting game where you bake a cake with your friends. Originally released in Taiwan by Mizo Games, Solis Game Studio brings this game stateside with an additional fox animal friend!

Temporal Odyssey 2 is a new recreation of the Level 99 Game of the same name. Play as a dueling Time Traveler in this massive drafting battle card game! Coming to Kickstarter.
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