Hey you. Sit down and let's explore games for competitors, families, and story tellers. Solis Game Studio is latinx family owned and located in the California Bay Area. Check out our titles below!

Our Games

Pocket Paragons
Lightning Fast Fighting Card Game. Now with new expansions!

Space Lion
Battle. Outmatch. Manage your
army across three battles against multiple opponents!

The Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game
Powered by Pocket Paragons.

Temporal Odyssey 2
Draft Allies from Across Time & Space. Rewrite your fate. COMING SOON

Treat Please! 
Be the best dog in this family hand building game!


About the Massive-Verse Team Up Expansion

February 29, 2024
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Massive-Verse Card Game: Rogue Sun Spotlight

February 29, 2024
A design blog about Rogue Sun in The Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game.
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How I got into Hobby Board Game Design

February 14, 2024
How Chris Solis got into Hobby Tabletop Design.
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