An Odyssey Awaits you

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New Campaign

Play 6 chapters of Temporal Odyssey against your friend to experience a thrilling narrative. Carry your choices between each episode and prepare for the final battle!

Explosively Powerful

Reinvented from the ground up since its original release, Temporal Odyssey 2 promises streamlined gameplay and insanely powerful combos. Just to name a few changes:

  • New 'Time Sift' drafting system
  • Complete quests to destabilize your opponent
    (Replacing old artifact destabilization system)
  • New legendary game-changing characters and spells!

A Huge amount of Content

A new game with 4x the content over the original! All your favorite characters are here plus many MANY more new ones. Over 600 unique cards to draft from! Insane!

Meet the Team

Designer of Temporal Odyssey, and Producer of Exceed Fighting System (Shovel Knight, Dead Cells, A Robot Named Fight!). Former 2K Games UX Researcher.

Chris Solis

A Senior Game Designer with a strong background in competitive game development. 

Jordan Johnson